“Welcome to Undercog” is an RPG/Adventure game set on a distant world where a city thrives in caverns deep beneath the cracked and barren surface. The story (cut scene and NPC interaction) is told on the pages of a comic book. Through each comic panel and game play the player will attempt to unravel the mystery behind an industrial accident that spun the fair city of Undercog into chaos. The tool for this task is the Armored Personal Exoskeleton (or A.P.E. for short) is a versatile suit of armor with interchangeable components that will let the player face all of the baddies in the outlying caverns of Undercog.

All of the textures for “Welcome to Undercog” are done by hand in pen and ink to give the game a very unique visually personality. The game play is focused on constant player activity in order to make it a game of skill rather than a “grind and repeat” RPG. Maintaining the A.P.E. in terms of armor and finding interchangeable loot that suits a chosen play style will keep the player engaged at all times.

See you in Undercog!!!