The Crispy Noodle interview at Too Many Games

Got to meet a lot of really cool people at Too Many Games and had a blast doing it. These kind folks from The Crispy Noodle Podcast were nice enough to stop by my booth and do an interview. They also did a really cool write up. I liked the write up a lot because it was fair. They did point out some of the limitations that the demo of the game has (mostly control response speed) at this point that I am currently working on! This is exactly the kind of feedback that will help me make Undercog a better game.

These guys do a great podcast with good production value and their program is clearly a labor of love. They do a great job and really engage with the people they interview. I would advise Devs to seek out these guys and set something up! The interaction and end product are both great!

Thank you again  Rich Liebig and Michael Costanzo. It was great to hang with you and look forward to doing it again!

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