Getting to know the A.P.E.

Erzatz’s pride, the “Armored Personal Exoskeleton” (A.P.E) , is a mechanical wonder that deserves a little explanation. This suit grants it’s occupant massive strength, protective armor, and …well…  a slumping posture. But the benefits plainly outweigh the minor drawbacks. Let’s check out what makes it tick.

Interchangeable Parts 

The A.P.E. is an adaptive system that has many interchangeable parts to suit the needs of any given situation. Below we will delve into what each one is for.

Chest Plate

The Chest plate is the center piece of the A.P.E. defense systems. This sturdy plate offers a good bit of protection from the baddies that might crawl out of the caverns surrounding the city. Beyond just basic damage protection, depending on the type of Chest Plate material, it can even provide protection against different types of damage Electric, Corrosive etc.


The Cuffs are the source of the damage for the A.P.E these heavy for arm attachments put the weight behind each punch or shove. Beyond just providing the oomph for combat they can also provide different damage types like fire, electricity or what ever the situation calls for.  CuffsEX

Drive Train

The variable Drive Train of the A.P.E manages the speed and agility of the A.P.E. at any given time. Upgrades can get you that little bit of extra speed to get you out of a sticky (or Slimey) situation. DrivetrainEX

Power Core

The Power Core is perhaps the most advanced renewable energy source yet known. This Device uses crystal resonance harmonics to create enough juice to run this massive suit. The regeneration rate of the Power Core will ultimately determine how quickly the suits compressor can compress gas for the systems pneumatics that allow it to move. In short how much juice you have to do stuff.PowerCoreEX


The tanks on the back of the A.P.E store compressed gas for the Pneumatic systems of the A.P.E. to use for the various functions it can perform. Upgrades here will allow you to accomplish more with out running out of energy for attacks.TanksEXTrunk

The trunk is where the user f the A.P.E. can store there junk and also ave a comprehensive inventory system to manage said junk.
TrunkEXThanks for checking out the update. Soon I will put together short video showing off some of the different equitable classes of A.P.E. components and what they do. Stay tuned after the commercial break for more details.

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