Meet the A.P.E!

Since Undercog has spun into turmoil there is an immediate need for a champion to return order to an otherwise doomed city. Unfortunately the citizen base of the city is a bit short on champions¬†right now. Not any person can face up to the various creepy crawly creatures that have climbed their way out of outlying caverns of Undercog….or wait can they?!??

That is the exact purpose of the Armored Personal Exoskeleton (or A.P.E for short). This suit will give it’s occupant control of big heavy limbs for smashing and bashing anything in their way. Not to mention a health portion of Armor Plating to protect the drivers soft and squishy self from harm. It is easy to see how Dr. Erzatz’s creation could make a hero of the most meek of individuals.

Keep in touch for more details and some exciting news *wink* *wink*

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