Team17 and their Indie Wall of Love Showing Undercog!

Today was an amazing day! Team17, the creators of the Worms games, partnered with IndieDB, and Unity to put together a¬†twitter feed contest to show some love to the Indies out there and also let the indies show their love for what they do at PAX East. The contest asked indies to tweet”what do you love most about making indie games”. On top of the chance to win a Unity Pro license the Indie Wall of love was shown on screens at PAX East. This was really cool for Undercog, because sadly we were not ready to participate in PAX this year but still got to feel like a part of it!

Hey Look it's Undercog!

Hey Look it’s Undercog!

In the words of the legendary Billy Mays(RIP): “But wait, there’s more”. At the completion of the event a pixel art representation of all avatars will be made and sent to participants. Which is super cool! But the part that is great news for Undercog is that we were one of the lucky winners!

Undercog gets a Unity Pro license!

Undercog gets a Unity Pro license!

So many thanks to Team17, Unity and IndieDB! THis is a huge leg up for Undercog and a reminder of the fact that awesome things are happening every day in the Indie community!


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