Undercog Update (Getting ready for Too Many Games)

I have been one busy little Dev working on getting Undercog ready for Too Many Games and implementing the features that I want players to experience as well as making sure that the game gets a little prettier than the last time it was showed.

Rundown of Updates:

  • New control and animation system (based on player feedback)
  • Much Faster game play
  • More On Screen direction for demo
  • Some aesthetic upgrades to textures
  • More environmental elements
  • Loot/Equip screen and item swapping
  • New attacks added (charged punch and shockwave)
  • Radar system added
  • Improved collision detection for terrain
  • Better AI for each enemy with a state machine that includes “wander”, “forget” and attack behavior
  • New equitable items
  • Button Spamming bug fixed (this was a big one)
  • Player Death animation bug fixed
  • Audible cue for when “Repair Cycle” is ready to use.

Features still in progress

  • The screen to the right of the radar will be mission prompts by too many games
  • Icons and tool tips for the Inventory with better differentiation of equip items
  • Area way-points will be added to the radar screen to make navigation better
  • Death animations for enemies


Each time I show the game I get a lot of really good feedback and the community is helping make Undercog better every day!

Thank you so much,

Nate Flynn

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